Charges Dropped Against Addiction Canada Rehab Owner

Justice is served and back to the business of saving lives during these times of epidemic in Canada.

It’s not very often that the underdog can claim that Justice is Served, but this time John Haines can say exactly that.  “I have claimed my innocence from the very beginning, and my victory is a statement of truth and moral fortitude for everyone who has been to victim to our system” says Mr. Haines.

Mr. Haines and Addiction Canada started facing charges commencing in June 2015 with allegations of defrauding patients of up to $6.1 million after allegedly hiring a pair of “doctors” who Ontario Provincial Police say weren’t licensed to practice in Ontario.  Along with several other charges and allegations, Mr. Haines has always maintained his innocence, and went on the record right away stating that “these were trumped up charges stemming from a corrupt pharmaceutical industry, a government system that is grossly inadequate when it comes to helping its citizens that suffer with addiction issues and from an over-zealous Ontario Provincial Police division that failed to proceed on the presumption of innocence first.”  Mr. Haines claims that the investigation and subsequent police intervention occurred and continued repeatedly after successfully treating the relative of an affluent and well-connected individual in one of his centres.  “Unfortunately, the enabling activities continued after the individual returned home, and in such cases we are commonly faced with the blame associated with relapse” states Mr. Haines.

When asked what his plans are after his victory, Mr. Haines went on to say that “it would be nice if the authority that sought to ruin me would take ownership of their errors and go on the record with the same efforts to clear my name.  However, I don’t expect that to happen so I’m looking into a suit for damages and compensation for the destruction of my business and for the interference that was caused towards treating those in my care.”

Additional plans for Mr. Haines have yet to be determined but he did say that his dedication to helping those in need is “unwavering” and will try to take away a positive from this experience.  “It’s now fair to say that no other rehab organization in Canadian history has underwent such rigorous and forensic investigations of it’s services, and as such has served to prove the integrity and commitment of myself, my organization and my staff, when it comes to the treatment of individuals suffering from addiction” stated Mr. Haines.

Addiction Canada was forced to close its doors after the charges were laid as it could not sustain operations after client interest greatly dropped.  Addiction Canada was the largest rehab organization at that time and practicing rehabilitation using proprietary treatment methods and programs designed and created by Mr. Haines.  “We had one of the best recovery rates in the country” said Mr. Haines.  “My biggest regret is hearing the stories from individuals who went somewhere else for treatment because of what they heard in the news about us, and then hearing their stories about what they went through in other facilities.  I truly breaks my heart to hear about their experiences, and really wish we had the opportunity to help them personally” Mr. Haines goes on to say.

One of the things on the radar for Mr. Haines is his desire to become a leading authority in the space of addiction recovery and rehabilitation.  “I’m seriously considering taking on the role of fighting for the people and their families who suffer from addiction to higher level” he claimed.  “There are some very serious flaws in our system, and it if it wasn’t for private rehab facilities like mine there would be greater loss of life and suffering.  Private rehab facilities save lives, and must do so while operating under the challenges of running a business.  My respect goes out to all the owners and staff in my industry” stated Mr. Haines.

I guess time will tell which direction Mr. Haines decides to take, but one thing is certain, he won and was proven right!  This seems to be just the beginning of a new direction for Mr. Haines, and his desire to serve and take the fight against addiction to new levels has been refueled and energized.