Canadian Addiction Recovery

We see again many treatment centres continue to use our names Canadian Addiction, Addiction Canada, Addictions Canada, Canadian Addiction Recovery and many others. Seems when any treatment centre has bad reviews they look to change their name and/or marketing ploy. Please in no way let yourself be confused into the Canadian Addiction Recovery program being a different treatment centre…….Many of these treatment owners in Ontario and across Canada were former successful clients or employees of Addiction Canada who decided to open a treatment centre and some at our former locations in Ontario and Alberta. Canadian Addiction Recovery Network and Addiction Recovery Network are the new leaders in Addiction Treatment in Canada along with John Haines and Addiction Canada.

If you want the very best in addiction treatment by an organization which is the biggest and was the first ALL PRIVATE addiction treatment centre in Ontario that lead the way for ALL the copy cat centres over the past 5 years……then come see us and enjoy success with treatment for your loved one with some of the highest success rates in Canada come to Addiction Recovery Network.