John Haines Reviews

John Haines is the Executive Director, CEO and Founder of Vita Novus Inc, and Addiction Canada. John and those working for him have made it their business to provide quality services for those looking to free themselves from the ravages of drug and alcohol addiction. As part of that process, we strive to be completely professional and transparent at the same time. Honesty is one of the cornerstones of this enterprise, as well as our sister company, The Vita Novus Treatment Center.

Over the last several years, the owner of these companies has become the victim of an ongoing smear campaign whereby the reputation of the Vita Novus treatment center, Addiction Canada and the owner of these fine treatment facilities was slandered with a barrage of negative reviews and comments posted on the Internet. We at Addiction Canada provide full responses in the articles found on this Addiction Canada Reviews post and when you truly read through this posting many things are explained. Unfortunately when you become the largest all private Addiction Treatment organization you take a lot of hits against your good reputation by some still sick others that do not succeed at their own addiction recovery and lash out against the very organization and its owner that tried to help these individuals and their families.

The issue stemmed from a dispute with a supplier and some former disgruntled employees and after lengthy and costly legal proceedings, the situation was resolved when the persons responsible agreed to stop the malicious and untrue actions and begin the process of cleaning up the smear campaign. It is our sincere hope no other person needs to go through the same process of clearing their reputation and name, but in the end we are pleased the Vita Novus’s and Addiction Canada’s reputation as one of the finest addiction treatment centers in Canada has been properly restored.

Please take a moment to read the retraction statement by following the link below.



Unfortunately as of March 2015 the same individual, in violation of court ordered Cease and Desist as well gag order has again rallied with former disgruntled employees and former clients and their families to go further into these terrible outlashings online and lodge false slanderous complaints with authorities where once again Addiction Canada, Vita Novus and its owner John Haines have to prove these allegations false with use if its legal and business management teams. This time however we will take all necessary steps to find these people will be found criminally responsible and make sure they are prosecuted to letter of the law.

We at Addiction Canada and John Haines Rehab maintain that we provide the very best care for Addiction Treatment in all of Canada. When we find ourselves in any position to defend against unfavorable reviews we let the success of our thousands of recovered individuals and families speak for itself.