John Haines – Addiction Canada Moving Forward

********** FLASH NEWS UPDATE *************


After leaving the courthouse Mr. Haines stated, “I always said from the beginning that I was innocent and now I can focus on the Addiction business, which saves lives in a time when it is most needed in Canada.”

Addiction Canada has undergone significant challenges in recent years due to false claims, incomplete press coverage and the sheer sensitivity of the issues related to the industry.  Only now are some of the true challenges of the industry coming to light.    With the legalization of heroine, bionic drugs in the marketplace, opiate addiction rates higher than ever and much more concerning changes.  Addiction recovery in Canada is gravely misunderstood and unsupported by government or public resources.  Pharmaceutical companies are proving to be part of the problem, not part of the solution.

I stand by the fact that Addiction Canada has saved lives!  That it has done so proudly and effectively in light of extenuating circumstances.  It is also with a heavy heart that I announce the closing of Addiction Canada as it has succumb to the economic pressures and the challenges of maintaining the highest standards of recovery care and business operations as a direct result of false and inaccurate claims.

Personally, I have been challenged and publicly labeled in an unbecoming manner, along with false and incomplete accusations supported by the media.  My support for those suffering from addiction is unwavering, hence I will be assuming a change of direction.  I will take on the role of proving my innocence and the success of my proprietary recovery program, and to consult with private centres on fulfilling effective, life-saving measures within their programs.

Our government is failing the people that entrust them with proper guidance and advice.  They follow an outdated standard of care, and implement measures that are simply wrong and ineffective.   Without the efforts of private rehab clinics many lives would be lost.  Government care is slow and lacking.

My mission will be to seek change in the industry, to be a catalyst for effective and accountable standards and regulations that will positively impact successful recovery for those in need.

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