Charges Dropped Against John Haines and Addiction Canada

It’s not very often the underdog ends up coming out on top, but this time John Haines did exactly that. “I’ve claimed my innocence from the very beginning, and my victory is a statement of truth and moral fortitude for everyone who feels they have been a victim to our system,” says John Haines, Founder of Addiction Canada.

According to court documents read into record on November 3, 2017 in the Ontario Court of Justice in Orangeville, a criminal investigation against Mr. Haines and Addiction Canada began in May 2015, after the Ontario Provincial Police charged a doctor working at Addiction Canada’s Caledon, Ontario location with practicing medicine without a license. The Investigation continued over the next year and resulted in allegations of defrauding patients of up to $6.1 million. The Ontario Provincial Police laid several criminal charges, including fraud, money laundering, trafficking and others, against Haines personally.

As part of the November 3 proceedings, these charges were all read into the court record, with the crown attorney then noting each one had been withdrawn, this included Fraud for $6.1 Million, Money Laundering, Trafficking Narcotices and 3 others. For having an unlicensed doctor on staff, Haines was fined $5,000 by the court on a summary charge of mischief, as court documents indicated that he was responsible for the corporation’s HR department.

After leaving the courthouse Mr. Haines stated, “I always said from the beginning that I was innocent and now I can focus on the Addiction business, which saves lives in a time when it is most needed in Canada.”

Haines said during this whole ordeal he was forced to step down and close Addiction Canada but has continued with interventions across Canada, remaining busy in light of the Canadian Opioid and Addiction crisis Canada has been facing. The charges affected all locations and their reputation including the direct effect on the Alberta treatment Centres of Addiction Canada.

“It was crazy how many were booked to come in one day and then would all cancel the next because of what they were seeing online,” adds Haines. “Even some of the staff started to quit because of questions and the continued investigation. When we tried to hire replacements, we found that online media was affecting prospective new employees as well.”

In October 2016, Haines announced that in lieu of allegations surrounding the business, he was going to order Addiction Canada to close its door at all locations. Haines admitted he did so with a heavy heart and was at a very low point in his life but knew he would get through it. Haines says a bad online reputation can destroy any business but when it’s due to false accusations and online slander, it’s very hard to take.

“The thing that kept me going was I always knew I was 100 percent innocent and would fight at all levels to clear my good name and get back my reputation,” says Haines.

November 3rd that came to be and now John Haines will make a bigger difference than ever in fighting addiction in Canada.

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