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Choosing an Addiction Treatment Centre is a very important decision.

At any new Addiction Treatment Centre like Canadain Addiction Rehab (Former names Life Changes Canada) and many other private treatment centres in Canada they resort to slandering Addiction Canada in order to gain your business, but they are actually trying to capitalize on name changes similar to Addiction Canada. They even go so far as TO USE OUR NAME ADDICTION CANADA IN THEIR ADWORDS CAMPAIGN to try to catch your business.

We need to trust in the process and our Canadian Addiction Rehab at Addiction Canada will help you like no other…….dont accept imitations for Addiction Canada like the ones that say Canadian Addiction Rehab or Life Changes Canada there is only one Addiction Canada treatment organization.

Sad thing about this centre and many others is that their owner like many other owners practicing this verbal slander of Addiction Canada and much like what Life Changes Canada or Canadian Addiction Rehab is that they(the owners or managers) were an employee or client at one time of Addiction Canada.

It does not make sense why these people at Canadian Addiction Rehab or Life Changes Canada have to resort to bashing other centres to earn business……or does it?……this centre has been open less than 6 months, and have changed their name twice!…..they also opened at a FORMER Addiction Canada location as well as have hired many former Addiction Canada employees – many of which have quit or since been fired…… and all the while trying to imitate what we have done to became number one in Canada with hard work over the past 10 years. Further saddened that these people including the owner who tells his personal story over and over on TV in newsprint etc…..fails to mention he went to Addiction Canada(just saying went to a private treatment centre) which saved his life successfully.

Yes we maintain imitation is NOT a form of flattery but rather a form of NOT HAVING ORIGINAL IDEAS or PROPER EXPERIENCE

Truly come see why Addiction Canada is number one in all of Canada when it comes to Addiction Treatment.