Addiction Canada Clients

Two of my friends, a couple, died from drugs in the last week. On the same day that the gentleman passed away, following his girlfriend, we were meant to be celebrating my wonderful boyfriends Birthday. Both of us are clients of Addiction Canada and we found this news quite devastating and are still very upset. Because of you guys, we have the tools to exercise gratitude for the chance you give us and with that we thank god every day for our recovery. In light of that, I wanted to send you guys this message: Going to a gym doesn’t make you fit, you do. You have to use proper form, you have to work and you have to eat right. Rehab can’t cure people. Nothing can cure people. We can only live better and realize our potential. Once it is realized, it is OUR responsibility to use our body, our actions and our mind to improve. Addiction Canada works when you work. They have the professionals to teach you the form, show you the work, give you guidance and advice. If you cheat, you cheat yourself. They don’t cheat you. But no matter what, they are always there no matter how many times you fall. They will work with you until you see yourself for everything you’re worth. They are valuable because they’re staff is passionate, knowledgeable and caring. Their founder is devoted, inspirational and proof of progress. They are genuine. They are different. They care. Sometimes, all it takes is the right amount of love from the right people to teach you how to love yourself. If you let them in, they will help you. They don’t save your life, they help you save your own. And that is the most beautiful gift of empowerment and addict can get.