About John Haines

John Haines is the Executive Director, CEO and Founder of Addiction Canada and most recently Addiction Recovery Network(10 plus years under his son Dylan Maggiacomo). Prior to starting Vita Novus Inc & Addiction Canada in 2005, John worked as an Extreme Interventionist in both Canada and USA.  Currently, John oversees of Programs and Partnerships and the operations at all facilities across Canada. The addiction treatment centres are located in Toronto, Muskoka, Barrie and York region of Ontario and in Alberta at the Calgary Foothills and outside Edmonton locations.

John Haines is also considered the top interventionist in all Canada with 14 years of 95% success in his interventions, John also holds 2 Psych degrees including a masters as well as 2 Addiction counseling diplomas.

John Haines is a former pro football player and has been clean and sober from drugs and alcohol since 2000.

****************************UPDATE 2017**************************

John Haines having recently fought and won after being charged in 2015 with MAJOR VICTORY and VINDICATION as ALL Charges Dropped!!

John Haines is now considered the foremost in Addiction Treatment as an owner and advocate and will fight to bring the Canadian Government to justice and make them accountable for making addiction worse in the country.

John Haines, Addiction Canada and Addiction Recovery Network are one of only 3 in all Canada that run a FULL MENTAL HEALTH BASED PROGRAM

ALL our programs are NON 12-STEP

We use only Psychologists and Master level PHD Psychotherapists as primary therapists to deliver all therapies at ALL our centres, Not addiction Counselors…….they are not qualified.

John Haines understands addiction is a family disease. That’s why John Haines’s rehab centres bring families together as part of each recovery process, so that all loved ones can get involved with recovery together.

Because the professionals here understand recovery from drug and alcohol abuse can be initially dangerous for the afflicted person, our withdrawal and detox facilities are a safe and inviting place staffed by medical experts who can deal with the more severe symptoms like hallucinations and even seizures.

Experience is key to the success we have here and one of the reasons all of our treatment programs are backed by a guarantee. John Haines knows negative thinking can put an addict right back into the clutches of a relapse. That’s why we offer talk therapy and many other treatment modalities so the addicted person can learn to turn their thoughts away from the past and toward a sober and fulfilling future. Addiction is no longer a disease as its also a mental/psychological condition and therefore needs to be treated that way with a mental health approach and treatment modalities.

We are proud of the 70 to 85% success rate we enjoy and feel comfortable about the fact our skilled psychologists and therapists are available for our 60 and 90 day programs.