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John Haines Rehab Centres’, nationally known as Addiction Canada, are some the most successful and renowned treatment facilities in Canada and there are several very good reasons for that. Beyond the innovative sober coaches these addiction treatment facilities provide, the therapists are well versed in relapse prevention and they understand the part psychological aspects like post traumatic stress syndrome plays in hindering a full recovery. The best in Toronto Drug Rehab started almost 10 years ago and grown to more than 4 Addiction Canada locations all under the Addiction Canada Treatment Network name. Each location of Drug Rehab provides unique and very good Addiction Treatment utilizing many treatment modalities. The Addiction Canada professional staff along with the very best in Addiction Canada medical detox services on site are intricate in any person’s recovery from the ravages of addiction. Addiction Canada has become the largest private addiction treatment organization in Canada.

John Haines understands what goes into a successful addiction recovery program because he has the experience in both Canada and the United States as an Extreme Interventionist. He understands how a successful intervention is the foundation of a long lasting and successful recovery and that’s why he’s built it into the template for his treatment centers. The treatment association of Addiction Canada employs some of the very best in Addiction Intervention professionals in Canada. each intervention is personally planned out using family and loved ones in order to achieve the best results and outcome.

In 2015 John Haines Rehab and Addiction Canada introduced a new program, a non 12 Step program called Addiction Canada Empowerment (ACE) Program. This program is designed to get to the root cause of each client attending an Addiction Canada centre for recovery through a mental health approach (mostly CBT) and then the Empowerment comes to light to give back the personal Empowerment of the individual to conquer the world on his or her own with a self sufficient program overcoming the powerlessness associated with our addictions.

Of course, there’s much more to what addicts and their families get with John Haines Rehab Centres and Addiction Canada. The addiction treatment facilities under our umbrella are staffed with certified therapists, counselors and even specialized recovery coaches so all of our valued clients get the tools they need to get and stay sober. Why not get in touch with us today so you or a loved one can get the help that’s needed? Remember, we’re a member of the Addiction Professionals Association of Canada.

When looking at Addiction Canada Reviews we respond effectively to the truths and ravages of Addiction in Canada. The overall private Addiction Treatment business in Canada we need to focus on the positive sides of recovery and how many lives truly get saved each and every day across Canada by Addiction Canada.

You and your loved ones deserve the very best in addiction care and treatment and John Haines Rehab Centres and Addiction Canada are here to help in this trying time.

Remember Every Life is Worth Saving!

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